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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I believe that if "Laughter is the best medicine, Comedians clearly have established themselves as Doctors" and comedy clubs as their clinic. The Indian stand-up comedy scene has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Right from the get-go 2012 to at present 2018, the city of Mumbai has witnessed a massive change in terms of venues, production and of course, more audience. It’s safe to say that comedy has become the best way to de-stress after a long day or even a longer week and safer to consider it refreshening or rather therapeutic. Well, here are my top 5 must visit comedy venues/clubs in Mumbai.


Located besides Khar Station, Hotel Unicontinental, The Habitat offers you a wide range of bone-tickling comedians. A very well decorated room full of good vibes, service and a guaranteed good time. The Habitat often hosts alot of shows and is mostly well known for their ‘ weekend specials ‘ or Thursday night ‘variety’. The stand-up comedy open-mics take place every Tuesday roughly at around 8:30 wherein fresh/new comics get a guaranteed 4 minute slot to test out material.

2. Canvas laugh club

3rd floor, Palladium, Phoenix Mills , Lower Parel, the Canvas Laugh club regarded as the “birthplace of stand-up comedy” in Mumbai by far is the biggest room for stand up. Several events like The Vagina Monologues, EIC Stand up marathon, AIBs The Royal Turds 2013, SNG Improv just to name a few have been produced here. Every top comedian has done a set here.

It’s got a great ambiance, versatile audience, great seating arrangement and a bar. The Canvas laugh club organizes open mic nights every Monday and Friday and also conducts great weekend specials. So if you’re around town looking for a dose of laughter, this is where you gotta be. The Canvas laugh club is also noted as “comedy’s official national theatre”

3. The Cuckoo Club

Probably Bandra’s best venue for comedy. Located near Candies (Bandra), The Cuckoo Club offers a really good dose of laughter and many surprise acts such as Kanan Gill, Tanmay Bhatt and just to name a few in their open mics which take place every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. The Cuckoo Club is a great place for plays and stand-up comedy shows. There is a cafe on top and a very funky entrance, they cannot go wrong. The Cuckoo club is an initiative by HIVE and when they are not hosting comedy shows, you can also catch some workshops there. It’s ambiance is real funky, creative and overall really cool. So if you’re around Bandra looking for some hearty laughs and wanna catch some of the best and coolest upcoming comics this is the place you gotta be!

4. The Square

Powai’s most famous comedy venue. The Square organises several open mic nights and various other events. Several freshers and seasoned comics come out and test out their material... some jokes work, some don’t. The Square is also a studio for workshops, fitness sessions, self defence, dance moves, musical hymns, yoga.

Go catch some fresh Authentic raw jokes at their open mics which take place on any given weekday depending on schedule

5. Mad Bee Comedy

A very recent and upcoming venue located at Versova, Andheri. Safe to say that the stand up scene is widening. You can catch some comics try out material at an open mic which takes place every Thursday and Sunday at around 8PM. You can register for an Open Mic through Facebook or the MadBee mobile App.

Written by Nathan Gomes


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