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is cod finally back?

We all know call of duty and what a big franchise it is, but in the recent years it hasn’t been delivering the quality that we expect from a call of duty game. I believe the fall of call of duty started with infinite warfare(2016), at this point people were fed up of boost jumping and the extremely futuristic vibe the game had. COD hadn’t seen such a low number of sales for a game since 2006.

In the succeeding year it was sledgehammer studio’s turn to develop cod. So they listened to the community and developed a game that was boots on the ground(WW2). The community was hyped for WW2 but the game itself did not live up to its expectations. Sure it was boots on the ground and had most qualities of a COD game. But the game was too bland. It had the fewest number of maps that any COD game had ever had. The addition of divisions messed up the game as well. And the result of the was COD being at its absolute low.

As of currently COD black ops 4 has been generating a lot of hype with the all new battle royale game mode and with the multiplayer gameplay and trailer being released. Keep in mind to all the story mode fans this year COD will NOT be having a campaign. Clearly treyarch has been taking risks in order to improve its multiplayer which is the main aspect of COD. As of now no one can tell whether the game is going to be good or bad, but I personally feel that its going to bring back the franchise just because of the sheer fact that its treyarch studios and they never fail to impress.

Although the real question is, is call of duty dying because FPS shooter games are become inferior to 3rd person battle royale games, especially fortnite that has blown up tremendously over the past couple months. Or just the fact that activision isn’t putting enough thought and dedication to its games and taking the CALL OF DUTY name for granted. Let us know your thoughts.

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