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iChef - Honest Review, Deal or dhoka?

Updated: May 27, 2018

So recently i was glancing through the Daily Mumbai Mirror when I came across this iChef Ad which is basically a Healthy Meal Kit for 2. I was intrigued by its Price and type of Dish. So I waited no longer and Ordered myself a "Arabian Fatoush Salad with Feta Cheese" #CleanEating #DIY

I Ordered this from their Website at around 9 in the Morning, Hoping it would arrive by Afternoon, So that i could have a nice healthy lunch, But it had arrived around 7 Pm which was just fine...

The Box in which the Ingredients were delivered in had a Nice Ice Gel pack to keep the Ingredients Cool and Fresh which made me give it the Bonus Point ;)


Delivery Time: 3/5 - Delivery was a bit late

Packaging: 5/5

Ingredients: 4.5/5 - The Advertising Picture shows Black Olives and Red Radish

Quantity: 5/5

Overall Taste: 5/5


It was a Good Experience to prepare Meal Kits, But im just gonna stick the Ol' Method of Cooking and Preparing my Own Food which is maggi (jk)

The price was just alright, The Fetta Cheese made it Rich and Delicious and also I am gonna reuse that Ice Pack instead of throwing it away (sheesh who does that?)

#SwachBharat all the way

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