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Visiting an Orphanage: Giving in... to giving

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

The quality of selfless Giving is a rare gem received by a handful.

Jonathan a youth whistled through life in all his 19 years. Blessed in fortune, love and care. His journey had many moments making him ponder about the imbalance in life…

Approaching his 20th birthday like every other kid on the block, he could throw a lavish party and be immersed with affluent celebrations.

He knew in his heart though, Life has meaning and there is reason to everything. 19 years of receiving culminated in one selfless thought.

“Why can't I Give instead?”

Orphans enjoying Cake
Children at the Orphanage celebrating Jonathan's Birthday.

Jonathan has always had a special place in his heart for underprivileged children. It all began when he was 12 years old where he had the opportunity to assist his father with a medical camp in Don Bosco School Goa, where his dad donated around 1.5 crores INR ($220,000 USD) , to help the underprivileged by getting doctors from Aster hospital (Dubai) to conduct free medical check-ups.

Helping out Citizens in Goa for Medical Assistance.
Medical Camp at Goa - 2012

Ever Since his father's example he wanted to go down the same path of giving. He had planned to visit the orphanage on his 18th birthday, but unfortunately he had an injury and because of surgery was unable to travel and had to rush back to Dubai.

It took around a year for him to recover completely. It was during the month of July where his friends and family started prompting towards celebrating a grand 20th birthday party. But Jonathan knew what he really wanted, his idea of celebration was different. So he decided to fulfill his wish and celebrate his 20th birthday at the Anna Purna Asharam (Orphanage) in Pune. With orphans and the underprivileged.

Kids assembling at the main Hall, Annapurna Ashram
Kids assembling at the main Hall

He aforesaid "It was a very heart-warming experience seeing all those kids smiling and being happy with what they have even though they had nothing in this materialistic world. The genuine happiness and affection that I felt in that room melted my heart. It was an experience I will definitely not forget”.

Jonathan's family has always backed and supported him. He could just enjoy his university life partying and could rely on his father's fortune, but being the optimistic and business minded person he is, He has taken the initiative to start his ‘own’ construction company in Goa, India.

Being an ardent lover of the Nation, Jonathan wishes to invest in the upbringing of the country and will put in the effort to help India reach its true potential.

Giving out Birthday Cake to the Orphans
Jonathan Gonsalves giving out his Birthday Cake

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

These words left a huge impact on him. Jonathan too young to grasp power embarked instead on understanding responsibility. Instead of enjoying the lavish life in Goa, this youngster has decided to give his best to grow and parallelly to use his prowess to help the less fortunate.

Well it's inspirational, So Kudos to those youth who have decided to leave an indelible mark on mankind through dedication and selflessness.

So what are your thoughts on philanthropy and giving back to the Needy? Let us know down in the Comments below.

This Article was written by Naethan Dsouza

@naethan___ on Instagram

A Special thanks goes out to Jonathan Gonsalves for letting us use his Story.

If you too have Amazing stories that you would like to share with us,

You can write to us at with the Subject: Story Submission

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